Monday, October 18, 2010

relationships. the boyfriend, girlfriend kind.

so i'm currently procrastinating from some bollocks research project i'm meant to have prepared for the afternoon. to be frank i can't be fecked.. especially when i've been put in a lame group.. i'll do it inabit 'cause i don't intend on getting a good night's sleep anyways.

so those who know me long and well enough, know i had a very time wasting experience in the past with a boy. like SERIOUSLY TIME WASTING. the actual relationship lasted five months, and i spent the following two years trying to get him back. yes, what was i thinking. he was a complete distraction and when i was finally over him i realised how stuuuuuupid i'd been to even bother. SO GLAD i didn't get back with him though, no offence if you're actually reading this, but i doubt he would be.

since, i haven't been good with finding a nice young spiffing lad, yes there's been a couple but they didn't last 'cause i wasn't ready to commit, or the relationship was just... pointless. 'cause of That relationship i try not to hold on to liking a guy for long. if they don't like me or don't bother, then fine, forget it. i'm not going to waste my time like i did in the past. what i'm trying to say is that if you like me then make it obvious 'cause if the feelings mutual it might actually go somewhere. stop making me so frikken CONFUSED by giving me obvious signs, BUT NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. i suppose it doesn't matter anymore 'cause i'm already past the 'liking You' stage.


there is a boy i like, and fingers crossed he knows this, and fingers crossed it all goes the way i hope it to. =]

this might seem all a bit confusing if you don't know the people that i'm trying to talk about in this post. please don't think of me as one of those attention seeking, i must write all of my feelings on my blog!, people. yes i used to do that, and might be doing that now in this post. but things have been getting a bit frustrating recently, this 'problem' of mine is constantly being mentioned/brought up/thought about, and it just makes me feel a bit better to type it all out on here =] i doubt many people will read this anyways, it's just to console me, for the next five minutes before i start thinking about it all again. eesh.

friendships last forever, at least i'll never lose this boy.

unless he does something extremely stupid to feck me off XD

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