Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i hope ceramics and product get back to me sooon!

lcc have given me a portfolio review =D

but im not going to accept it unless product design declines meeeeeee

carter the unstoppable sex machine



these came in the post today yay!

♥ ♥

Saturday, April 24, 2010

can someone stop this song so i won't sing along,

two months..? well at least it isn't as long as two years
of wasted anticipation.
oh well, better luck next time kiwiii, if next time will ever come alonggg..
and i thought there was something there..
obviously not.
they're all the saaaaaame.
just don't expect as much the next time..

Friday, April 23, 2010


vinyl toys are my worst enemy atm, one fell on my mac AND DENTED THE DAMN SPEAKER AREA. puckyou.


went better than i thought they would =]

the lady who interviewed me for product design was the contextual studies tutor, but she loved my portfolio, and the other lady really liked my handprint dish =]

i didnt really prepare for the questions, just went with honesty i guess! the night before i was kinda shitting myself, dreading the interview and very close to cancelling it, but thought so many people have told me to just go for it. so i diddddd.

they said i should find out next week if ive been offered a place or not =]


oh hello, unit 7

Monday, April 19, 2010

wasted choices;

1. central saint martins, product design.

2. camberwell college of arts, three dimensional design.

1. the course isn't actually that amazing. this course is more about having central saint martins in your name when you graduate.

2. didn't realise it was a 15 january deadline. dickhead.

i wish id applied to brunel and goldsmiths now, shouldn't have listened to kathleen, and just gone with my instincts. don't get me wrong though she's a decent teacher, studied on the ceramic design course at csm.

and i have an interview for that on wednesday. fingers crossed they'll like my work and give me a place =]

boys will always be 'boys'

or just a distraction.


but epic day with po and mela yesterday =]

strolling around spitalfields and brick lane in these babies..

just too many stares O_O

Saturday, April 17, 2010


am i suddenly so ill =(

i want to cryyyy =((

and wish it would all just go awayyyyyyy =(((

my head hurts.

fucking hell

another unproductive day gone. and i just realised i have 34 days to do this final major project - sketchbook/information file/reflective journal/design sheets/models/final product/exhibition display. SHIT FUCK ARGH. kill me now,


but first, i need sleep.

haha good times!

i don't like nights like this..

when you look forward to something, but it doesn't happen =(

especially when i need something to cheer me up from this annoying blocked left nostril thats causing me to have to breathe through my mouth. arghhhhhh...

Friday, April 16, 2010

angela tye;

i turned her ghetto. LOL

and ew at her weirdly frozen mix of milk and oreo cookies..


nylon tricot legging colbalt. stripe thigh-high sock white/royal blue/red. cotton spandex jersey high-waist hot short white + black polka dot. unisex dolman sleeve hoody orchid. unisex suspender fuchsia.

9 o'clock start

30 minute pilates routine & a tidy bedroom =]

check out that sexy pokemon duvet cover.


casette playa x nike


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

pretty good movie =] quite interesting but i thought the story line was going to go a different way, but it was mostly explaining what happened in the past to cause the present. if you get me, i don't want to explain fully incase someone who hasn't watched it reads this ^_^

and i just had the BIGGEST smile show up on my face =D i got a texttttttttttttttt messaaaaaaaaaage... hehe




it's a software where you can block access to any site for a chosen period of time, and it stays blocked whether or not you close the timer, or restart your computer. (not sure what happens if you try deleting the application though)

so yeah at approximately 5.15 this afternoon, i blocked facebook for 5 hrs 45 minutes. OMG IT'S SO HARD. but it's almost over! 48 minutes left haha.. but IVE ONLY DONE THREE PAGES IN MY SKETCHBOOK SINCE. how pucking lame.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

portfolio for csm foundation;

oh gosh, i remember receiving the letter for that interview!
got the letter through the post, opened it straight away, and dropped to my knees when i read the date!!!!!
they gave me a two weeks notice!
well i don't think it was even that, it was like a week and a half...

blood, sweat and tears went into putting this together! i miss this shit, i use to think i was good =(

work from year 10-12