Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010


i went with ang and zach, left at 8.30! O__O

queued for about an hour! t'was cooooold =(

but finally got in!

browsed for like 2 hours..

and spent £116..........

my early birthday dinner with the wongs =D

AMAZING KOREAN FOOOOOOD, asadal by holborn station =]


friday's dose of tinseltown milkshakes.


brick lane last sunday.. FAT DAY

lol and i thought these were bare hilare...

and after all that, we even went to china town for dinner

crane & tortoise restaurant

there's one by back hill, on the same crossroads that pret is on up the road

it was yummyyyyyyyy, they had takoyaki!! bigger than the ones on brick lane!

and the waitress recommended the japanese burger


also white bait is AMAZING...

ahh food..

thursday's news


bar stool by cath carrol

"BA (Hons) Ceramic Design is a unique course that offers a specialist design-led experience in the broad subject of ceramics. It takes the position that designing from a deep and sensitive knowledge of one material means that you are able to more effectively translate that experience into other materials and disciplines, either during or after the course.

Ceramic Design embraces numerous types of practice from expressive individual makers, who are informed by craft and create bespoke artefacts, through to product designers who design and produce highly refined products and need to consider social, cultural and lifestyle choices, market forces and manufacturing opportunities. Between these lie ceramic work, which inhabits human scale and architectural space operating within public, community and domestic environments, which creates opportunities for commission and site specific work.

The course enables you to engage with all these attributes through the making. You will design and translate ideas in ceramics, based on a hands-on experience and the understanding of a material and how it informs the design process.

In the 21st century, a good ceramic designer is now required to understand and appreciate the breadth of design territories, artistic and ceramic practice and challenge how those boundaries might be breached on an emotional, strategic, design responsible and commercial level. The course seeks to help you make bridges between these different cultures and communities.

The course includes interior, architectural and environmental ceramics; design for the vessel; lighting; tableware; hollow ware and giftware. Your knowledge and confidence as a ceramic designer will grow by studying the concepts and professional contexts of ceramic design."

at the moment it's my only hope cause product design hasn't got back to me, and lcc has given me a portfolio review but i'm worried my portfolio isn't graphic enough for that course..

but hey! at least i know im in london for the next 3 years =D well if i pass unit 7 XD