Sunday, August 29, 2010

since when did ucas change my offer to unconditional?!

what the puck?!

yeah so i decided to check my uni e-mail today and waheey, my enrolment information e-mail came through over a week ago (flop) frantically reading through the 800 pdfs they sent me, not one mentioning what my frikken summer holiday project is (dumbasses)

but anyways one said this:

yeah don't bother reading it. basically when i got my offers (july-10, just signed my life away to central saint martins product design) i was given conditional, and had to get a merit.. or a pass.. can't remember >_< which means i had to send proof by the 31st august?! but wait its the frikken 29th today and its bank holiday tomorrow!! at this point i started panicking. desperately looking for my certificate which i canny remember if it had been sent to me or not. then i thought right i'm going to check ucas.. and waheeeey I DIDN'T NEED TO SPAZ OUT CAUSE THEY CHANGED IT TO AN UNCONDITIONAL OFFER THREE DAYS AGO?!

why? i don't know. but waheeeey PANIC FOR NOTHING.

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