Monday, February 15, 2010

assessment part 2

tuesday 16th, 10.30 a.m

assessment part 1 - i was shitting myself for this, thinking oh fuck im totally gonna get referred if i dont finish this, i was at my sisters desperately trying to finish work, bawling my eyes out days before, stressed to the max, and then i went with most work finished... and it was fine!

part 2? for some reason i just don't give a flying fuck, i have the most unfinished work in the class, one project doesnt even exist! only a few photographs of development but thats it. and the current project im working on? oh god dont get me started, its just basically bollocks.

im pulling out of progress 2010, at least my ucas is sent off, knowing me if i didnt apply for it i still wouldnt have a personal statement done, but interviews for progress start next monday, and i definately wont have a good portfolio for then so why bother when i know im going to fail!

and blates going to get referred tomorrow, yet i don't careee!! i just haven't done any work in the last hour! arg i've literally just been sitting here!

=( where did all your motivation go kiwi? you use to be amazing. now you just suck.

all i think about is shopping T___T

if i get through all this portfolio shit, i'm going to treat myself to these..

and as if i havent already bought enough shit... i spent like £140 in mac the other day......

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