Sunday, January 17, 2010

that pointless first blog.

indeed. i'm going to start a new blog. to be frank i'm just bored of xanga. even though these blogs are practically the same! i just like the sound of having 'blogspot' in my link rather than 'xanga' seeing as all the cool kids have one so i want one too =P i made an attempt at tumblr but it reminded me of twitter. and twitter is retarded. and yes, i have a twitter. rarely use it.

so why the blogging? ...again. i don't know, just going through that phaaaase. i failed at keeping up with my xanga so i'm going to attempt at making an effort with this. it's relieving to blog, just to type about random shit and let any randomer read it and possibly be interested! attention seeking? yes, i'd say so.

so i'm back in london. after a very short weekend (a night) in birmingham. doctors gave me injections for my keloid scars.. wasn't fun =( they said cosmetic surgery wouldn't make the scarring go away either so basically i'm stuck with being ugly for the rest of my life! yay!

dance auditions this weekkkk. i'm excited but worried it's going to distract me from uni. i'm already seriously behind on my last project which is being assessed this thursday, yet i'm on here! ha. how ironic. kiwi you dickhead.

UCAS deadline is this friday, why am i not fussed about it?!?! i've just been so UNMOTIVATED since this summer ended! mammi said "ngo sum saan" haha SO TRUE.

ok after this i'll start work =]

so some dickhead (but a very lovely dickhead =]) broke my camera on new years =( and i'm dying for a new one! mother's given me hers for the moment but i'm not a fan of fujifilm cameras. i've been wanting this beaut for forever now ever since i discovered it came in gold!! ♥♥♥♥

so hinthint* daddy please buy me this camera. lolll

on that note, i've only seen him once since i moved here, for like 5 minutes. =__=

i'm feeling quite peckish. might go cook some rice. mmmm jap mayonaiseee ♥

ok my train of thought has died. toodles for now x

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